irrigationsprinklersprays8-5Our irrigation service will ensure you have a fully functional irrigation system that provides your lawn and landscaping with the water that it needs, when it needs it. We are here to help with all of your concerns and have a qualified staff of technicians that have worked with irrigation systems for many years.

Our irrigations services include the following steps.

  1. Spring opening of irrigation system: 60$/hr. (plus material cost and any additional labor)
  • Pressurize mainline and check for leaks
  • Check all heads and adjust, repair, or replace where necessary
  • Set up controller including new battery and coordinating days to run
  1. Backflow prevention device test: $65/hr. (plus material cost and any additional labor)
  • Testing backflow prevention device
  • Repairing when necessary
  • Submitting test form to water purveyor with copies sent to you and saved for our records
  1. Winterizing: $65/hr.
  • Shutting off water supply to irrigation
  • Blowing all water out of all heads and lines to prevent freeze damage
  • Unplugging controller and removing batteries
  1. Repairs/Service calls: $60/hr. -1 hour minimum charge (plus material cost)
  • Throughout the year, you may have problems with your sprinkler system: broken sprinklers, leaks, controller malfunctions and any of a variety of other issues that need to be addressed.   Some repairs are simple and some are complex, some require more time than others but all are unique. There is a $60 minimum charge and a flat rate of $60 per hour plus material costs for all repairs or service calls. This includes the time it takes to get to your home from Hillermanns which helps offset gas and equipment expenses.   To further serve you, we have a knowledgeable staff who would be happy to walk you through any issues that could be resolved over the phone.

We strive to be prompt and professional in the way in which we provide our services to you, and value your continued business.  Call us at 636-239-6729 for more information.