birddownywoodpecker-swDowny Woodpecker

Basics: Downy Woodpeckers can be identified by its white back, black nape, and black wings with white spotting. They have a straight, chisel-like bill, blocky head, wide shoulders, and straight-backed posture as they lean away from tree limbs and onto their tail feathers. The bill tends to look smaller for the bird’s size than in other woodpeckers. Males have a small red patch on the back of the head. The outer tail feathers are typically white with a few black spots. Downy Woodpeckers are common and widespread in the U.S., although they avoid the arid southwest. Its small size makes it versatile, and it may forage on weed stalks as well as in large trees. In winter, it often joins roving mixed flocks of chickadees, nuthatches, and other birds in the woods. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between Downy Woodpeckers and Hairy Woodpeckers since their coloring is similar. However, the Hairy Woodpeckers are larger and have a larger bill that is almost as long as the entire head. To identify a Downy, look for a smaller bird with a smaller bill.

Housing: Mount your wooden birdhouse to the trunks of mature trees – higher is better. There should be about 1¼” inch hole for your woodpeckers to enter/exit.

Food: You can get pretty close to these birds as they feed, due to their being quite brave. Add a Suet feeder, and Suet to get a close up view of these beauties feeding near your home! Suet is a great food source for all woodpecker species in our area.

How to attract: Downy Woodpeckers are attracted to places where food is abundant

Fact: This is the smallest Woodpecker in North America.

Tip: Downy woodpeckers look very similar to hairy woodpeckers. When distinguishing between the two, downy woodpeckers are smaller, with smaller bills.


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