peacelilysf-wPeace Lily

This week we’re happy to present the Peace Lily as the houseplant of the week. This plant requires indirect sunlight, heavy watering, leaf misting, and trimming of unhealthy leaves on the plant. The peace Lily topped the list for removing all three of most common VOCs — formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. This plant is awesome for promoting cleaner air, indoors! The basic Peace Lily Care tips below are followed by pruning, propagating and problem-solving this widely available plant. Since you can create one or two new plants yearly from an initial Peace Lily plant, it’s cost-effective to provide the plant’s minimum requirements.

Placement: Since east windows allow direct sun rays and south windows allow indirect, but all day light, consider putting the plant in a room that’s north or west facing instead. This is not saying that the plant should be right on a window sill. Keeping the Peace Lily six to eight feet away from a window helps keep light levels consistent as well.

Peace lilies need a lot of water. Check them every three or four days to see if the soil is dry, water well if so. They will begin to droop when left to dry out too much, but will perk back up when given a good drink.


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